I’ve Been Playing: Lim

Lim is a deeply heart-wrenching game about a square.

Lim is a stealth game about the fear that makes one hide, and how that fear is learned.

Lim is a stealth game where hiding is painful. Where being discovered is painful.┬áIt’s a game about violence. About fighting for every inch gained slowly, slowly.

When I first played it I didn’t hide until it was too late. The other blocks saw me and attacked, and I realized my mistake and pressed Z. Pressing Z makes you see less clearly, makes your heart beat so loud it obscures your hearing, makes your body quake so you become disoriented. Pressing Z makes you try to be acceptable to the blocks around you by blending in with them, but I had pressed it too late. They kept attacking and my attempts to appease them made it impossible for me to get away, slow and blind as I was. I let go of Z and ran for my life.

There are details in how the world affects your block that worried me while I was playing. How the hiding and the fear internalize as you progress, until you don’t even need to press the buttons anymore. There is redemption at the end, but it’s a painful road to get there.

In one playthrough the blocks knocked me through a wall. I wandered around, alone, far from anyone. There was nowhere to go from there, but I felt relieved. Free.