New Game: HackerBall

So I made a game for Ludum Dare 28, it’s called HackerBall:

Projects In Progress


I’ve got a lot of exciting new stuff going on, and a little bit of exciting old stuff happening too, so it’s about time I gathered some of it up here.

Ludum Dare!

Ludum Dare starts tonight! I’m going to be making a game for it with, and I’ll post about the progress over there if you’re interested.

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I’ve Been Playing: Naya’s Quest

Last weekend I was playing through an early level of Naya’s Quest, going through it a second time on New Game+ and spinning a level around to see all the sides of it. From one angle, distant pieces neatly snapped into place to give the illusion of a continuous platform. Someone who doesn’t know the game had just come in to watch - “Is this that game where whichever way you turn it becomes reality?”

No, no, I say, she’s thinking of EchoChrome. Or maybe Fez. Or Antichamber, or possibly Perspective, but in any case, I tell her, this game is the opposite of that. In Naya’s Quest, reality is reality and the visible is very possibly a lie.

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I’ve Been Playing: Kentucky Route Zero


Now that Act 2 has been released, I’ve realized I haven’t written anything on here yet about Kentucky Route Zero. This is a game by awesome Chicago-folks Cardboard Computer - I should say right off that I’m super biased towards games made by awesome Chicago developers - that’s gone on to win an IGF award.

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I’ve Been Playing: Bladeless

Another very quick post for a busy weekend: Bladeless is a fun, smoothly animated call and response swordfighting game made for Ludum Dare by Kid Evil.

More sketches from the artist for the new game project, she is still experimenting with the isometric look.

I’ve Been Playing: Kerbal Space Program


The last time I played Kerbal Space Program, there was way less in the game. It’s one of those Minecraft-type forever in development games, where every time you leave it for a while and come back you find whole new avenues opened up that weren’t there before.

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Artist is trying out things for isometric tiles and other things in the new strategy game project, here is a preview of some of her sketches.

I’ve Been Playing: Kairo


Mycenaean Greece, the Bronze age civilization that was the setting for The Odyssey, liked to build things with really big rocks. The walls of Mycenae were built with a type of masonry that had no mortar, only big stacks of boulders fitted together and stacked up vertically. The later greeks, the story goes, saw the giant rocks and decided that these buildings must be the work of a cyclops - and the masonry style is still referred to as “cyclopean.”

There is something in that idea, of coming across something from ages ago that is recognizable in form and obviously intentionally designed - but being so bowled over by the scale of it that you are unable to think of the thing in human terms. Kairo, by Locked Door Puzzle, is all about this feeling.

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Concept sketches for next secret game project.

The game is going to be a strategy game, with magic, haunted cities, islands, forests and turtles. I’ve been tweeting these sketches out for a while as a kind of secret preview, but now with this place getting set up as my new devblog, I figure it’s a good time to post them all in one spot.

These are all by Rosie, who is doing all the art for this game. We’ve been meeting to come up with places and characters for the game (all very early going), and she’s been producing a ton of great visual takes on the ideas there.